Class Update for July 22nd, 2014 Belton Karate

Tournament went very well and I believe that everyone had a great time, I know that we did.
The big news is that the Demo Team took 1st Place and we have the giant traveling trophy back in our possession. We want everyone to bring their trophies into class when we get back on Tuesday August 5th to show off to everyone so that we can talk all about it!
Weapon’s for Class
White Belt – Fan
Yellow and Green Belts – Nunchaku
Advanced – Staff

Important Dates
07/29/2014 – Class Cancellation
08/05/2014 – Belt Testing Night
08/12/2014 – Graduation Night

Last Week’s Homework that is due July 22nd
White Belts: Riding stance for 5 mins each day.
Colored Belts: How does Funakoshi’s 2nd principle apply to you.

See everyone at class on Tuesday night.

Last week in Class:
White Belt
Kicks, block, strikes – White belt Combo: Rising/Low/Side Low / Middle Punch
Fan Kata
Bag – Rising Block & middle punch

Green Belt
Kicks, blocks, strikes – White & Blue
Open Toe, Wide Open Toe, Parallel, Pigeon Toe, L-Stance, Sumo
1. Lock Wrist / Double Hand Grab: Wax on with right hand/ Peel off pinky and place into 2 thumbs wrist lock – apply pressure to make attacker bend over/ snap kick to attacker’s face / break elbow / hammer fist strike to back of neck.

2. Night Tiger / Double Lapel Grab: Wedging block grab shoulders, knee kick to groin, grab back hair pull head up, tiger strike across eyes, leopard strike to throat.

Bag Work: Rising Block, Middle Punch, Roundhouse Kick
Nunchaku Kata

Advanced Belts
Select 2 One steps or Self Defense for graduation night
Kicks, blocks, strikes – Orange Combo: Backhand block/middle punch Snap Kick/Roundhouse Kick
Arm Weave / Front Choke: Arm weaves over and under attacker’s arms / Place hand behind elbow and push attacker up away / Left elbow strike to face / Right roundhouse punch to face / Left uppercut / Knee kick to face / Dropping elbow to back of head.
Twist Wrist / Cross Grip: Wax off and grab attacker’s hand / Upset punch to attacker’s kidney / Place free hand on attack er’s hand and step around back and under arm with attackers palm up / twist wrist up and behind attackers back / Kick out knee / Pull up on held arm and break / Knife hand to head.
Breaking Boards
Kata & Tekki Shodan
Fan Kata
Staff Kata