Class Update for August 5th, 2014 Belton Karate

Belt Rank Testing is Tuesday, August 5th.

Testing fees are normal class fees + $13.00.

Parents are not encouraged to be inside during the testing. We have found that the students get more nervous as the number of spectators increase, especially parents and loved ones. Also after your student has tested they are free to leave at that time.
Come to your normal class times and testing will be done during the normal class time. Green and Yellow Belts class may run over. We will make every attempt to run on time, but each and every student needs to given the time needed to do a complete testing. Thanks for your patience.

Red and Brown Belts parents are strongly encouraged to be part of the testing to see what your student needs to concentrate on. These are the only belt ranks where parents are allowed to be at the testing tables. Please inform the check in tables if you can not be present so we do not wait for you to arrive. Testing is done in belt rank order. Red and Brown belts are the last, around 8:30pm.

Thank you.